Fiumefreddo Bruzio, Italy

It is difficult to even put into words how wonderful an experience that we had in Fiumefreddo Bruzio. We stayed with family of Hannah’s cousin, Claire. Denise and her daughter Monica made us feel very comfortable and relaxed the entire stay. Their hospitality and generosity were some of the best I have ever experienced. Denise’s … Continue reading Fiumefreddo Bruzio, Italy


Salerno/Amalfi Coast, Italy

At one point, a tow truck with a small excavator had to squeeze by the bus in the opposite direction. We got as close to the guardrail as possible. I was sitting on the window side and looked down to hardly see any road, only craggy cliff face and lemon trees below. Suddenly, Hannah started laughing. The drivers had high-fived out of their windows as they passed each other, with mere inches to spare! Nevertheless, it was a good experience.

Rome, Italy: Part 1

Outside Vatican square, we passed a large fortress and castle. Beside it, the rounded arches of 3 separate bridges skipped across the murky, opaque green of the river running beneath them. The bridge held a gaggle of merchants selling wares and beggars seeking charity, just as they would have in centuries past.

Venice, Italy

It was directly reminiscent of the Muslim 3PM call to prayer that we experienced in Skopje, Macedonia. This time, white clothed nuns in hair covered habits made their way through the maze of churches, just as the Muslim women in their flowing black draping traversed the Bazaar. This reflection made me draw pause, perhaps we aren’t as different as we have been led to believe.

Bucharest, Romania

When I walked into Hanul lui Manuc, I became lost in thought back to a long forgotten history lesson. It described the Western concept of time and how we see it as a linear function, on a straight line continuing into perpetuity. This lesson described the differentiation of the Eastern concept of time, redoubling back on itself like a loop or a cursive letter "e", written over and over and over. That concept seemed apparent to me as I watched the curved arches of Hanul lui Manuc on several floors continue onward as if to infinity. While no longer serving its original purpose as a caravanserai for protection and shelter, it was still repeating history, providing a hearth, community, and a meal for 3 weary travelers.