Manchester, UK: A Place to Work

Honestly, our trip to Manchester started as a mistake. Originally, we had intended to ferry to Belfast or Dublin from Liverpool, a city adjacent to Manchester. During the process of booking Airbnbs and forward travel, we realized a flight was cheaper than a ferry. So, with Manchester already booked, we decided to fly from there.

Manchester is the home of Manchester City and Manchester United, both big players in the UEFA Champions’ League (futbol/soccer). There were unfortunately no games while were there, but it was evident that the city is proud of its heritage and teams as much of the product and advertising cater to futbol.

Manchester had this knack for repurposing old industrial centers and buildings into modern attractions or businesses. One example was the Museum of Science and Technology that was headquartered in an old railway station. It was sprawling and took up several brick warehouses and was well done. Another example was the Corn Exchange, which had been converted into both a hotel and a food court of nice restaurants.

The city also boasted a small Chinatown where we shared a delicious meal or two. Many of our posts include food details, as they are often a good way to experience a place or culture, and because it is tasty.

Many experiences and perceptions of places we visit reflect back on our own past experiences. We likened to Manchester to Houston or Dallas: it is not exactly a place you go for tourism or to “visit”, but people go there to work. Manchester was much the same. It was evident in the attire of people on the street, often in suits or dresses quickly making their way to a destination. Similar to our time in Milan, our clothes were a little worn, practical, and out of place.

This was another stopover and relax city but it was a surprise. If you love shopping, soccer, or revamped old buildings, it is a neat scene to enjoy for a weekend. We woke up at 2:30AM to take a tram to the airport 50 minutes away for a red eye flight to Belfast. Those early morning flights coupled with moving every couple days wear heavily on me and I dreamed of my own bed and a consistent schedule.

3AM waiting for the train

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