The Fragility of Life as a Wanderer

We sat at a tram stop at 3am outside Manchester. Watching a rat chew into a trash bag while listening to the silent city sounds and hoping we would catch our flight on time.

London airport. Airbnb cancelled on us after having booked quite some time before. Prices had risen and we reasoned we would only be there for 5 hours, so why waste the now $80-100? We decided to “sleep” in the airport.

Sarajevo, Bosnia. Josh got food poisoning. Hannah and I later needed to find something for dinner. We were in a grocery store staring at a frozen pizza. “we don’t have an oven”-Josh. “what if we cut it into pieces and cooked it on the stove”-Hannah. “That’s ridiculous”-Josh

Someone took down an entire watermelon in 5 days

Someone’s throat hurt and we needed to find Halls. Surprisingly, Mostar, Bosnia carried them and in new exotic flavors! The ice cream also helped!

We hiked 3 miles carrying our back packs, each about 30-40 lbs and arrive at the bus station before a 5 hour bump, hardly any AC bus ride. This is the toilet at the bus station.

Board a propeller plane on the runway? Meh, sure.

Most days, though, food fixed everything. Or at least we pretended it did.


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