Hannover and Hamburg, Germany

Hannover, Germany Hannover is a sleepy city in the northern central portion of Germany. It houses a large university adjacent to a sprawling park and a few sites. Hannover served as a quick stopover for us and provided time for some planning before heading farther north into Scandinavia. The Aegidienkirche, a church, was unlike any … Continue reading Hannover and Hamburg, Germany


English Parks and Urban Surfing: Munich, Germany

The famed city of Oktoberfest did not disappoint. While we were not there for the storied festivities, we still enjoyed many other aspects of the city. From beer halls to lederhosen, Munich was wonderful and full of the magic I had heard so much about. We watched the figures dance on the Rathaus Glockenspiel as … Continue reading English Parks and Urban Surfing: Munich, Germany