Santorini, Greece: A Braying Paradise

Due to the shallowness around the island of Santorini, we tendered to shore via a small boat from our cruise ship. We later learned that a series of red buoys further down the coast marked the wreck of a cruise ship that sunk years ago. Circular brown and green piles of donkey refuse brought color … Continue reading Santorini, Greece: A Braying Paradise


Funny Habits From a Pair of Funny Travelers

Hannah walks into the Waldorf Astoria hotel in a shimmering, floor-length gown. Her makeup and hair are perfect and she flashes a dazzling smile to the waiter as she states, "Why yes, I'll have a champagne, thank you!" Caught her mid wake-up NOPE. That is so far from any sort of reality on this trip … Continue reading Funny Habits From a Pair of Funny Travelers

Souks and Snake Charmers: Marrakesh, Morocco

Our 7 hour train ride was punctuated by the pleasant conversation of our compartment-mates. They were an older couple from Ann Arbor, Michigan and had spent several weeks in Spain and Morocco. We shared stories and a few laughs as the red clay desert of Morocco rolled along. Fez and Marrakesh are competing cities. … Continue reading Souks and Snake Charmers: Marrakesh, Morocco